Defining learning at UISG

High quality learning

UISG recognises that each learner is unique, and that knowledge is constructed in context. UISG believes that high quality learning is inquiry based, and occurs when learners are challenged, inspired and motivated. A strong home–school partnership strengthens engagement and enables teachers and parents to guide students to be independent lifelong learners.

Intercultural learning

UISG is a community with over 50 different nationalities and has a mosaic of cultural and linguistic diversity. Intercultural learning is building respect for self and others and promoting mother tongue language. This is promoted throughout the curriculum and by celebrating cultural diversity.

Global citizenship

Global citizenship is social responsibility and engaging in global civic action. It deals with our uniqueness, our commonalities and stewardship of the planet.

International mindedness

International mindedness is a constant process of understanding ourselves and appreciating the complexity of our world, our international and cultural identities, and relationships between nation-states.

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