Counselor Service

UISG provides confidential individual and group counselling to enrolled students with identified concerns and needs. Our highly trained and experienced counsellors consult and collaborate effectively with parents, teachers and administrators, to provide great opportunities for academic, personal/social and career development. Counselling supports and helps students develop strategies to deal with challenges that many international students, or local students studying in an international school, experience. 

These challenges could include, but are not limited to: 

  • Adjusting to the new culture without a familiar social support network 
  • Allegations of abuse, bullying and neglect 
  • Reducing feelings of anxiety or depression 
  • Dealing with already existing emotional or interpersonal needs 
  • Developing skills to help with personal change 
  • Improving self-confidence, relationships and health 
  • Creating balanced lifestyles 
  • Time management to reduce work pressure 
  • Procrastination or perfectionism 
  • Managing a personal or family crisis 
  • Friendships 
  • Decision-making 
  • Examination anxiety 

University Counselling

Comprehensive university counselling is provided to students aspiring to attend colleges and universities all over the world. UISG is a SAT examination centre and we provide PSAT and SAT registration and examinations, as well as assistance with the college application process. Students will be provided with regular opportunities and exposure to meet with university admissions representatives, to understand expectations and career opportunities. 

Counselor Service

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