DSE Programme

Introduction of HKDSE

UISZ offers two years of full-time senior secondary education and further study to students who wish to choose HKDSE.

4+2+1 HKDSE Subjects

Under the HKDSE system, students are required to take four compulsory “core subjects” (Chinese, English, Mathematics, Civic and Social Development) and choose two of the four electives (Economics, Physics, Chemistry, History) and Physical Education to ensure a whole person development.

Write the test paper in Chinese

The only international higher education examination in Chinese

High contact ratio

With the mainland teaching program knowledge 80% overlap

International recognition

More than 95% of the world’s prestigious universities recognized results

Easy change of direction

New choice for Hong Kong and Commonwealth countries

HKDSE Teaching Team

UISZ has a teaching team composed of academic teachers, moral education teachers, special full-time homeroom teachers, college planning guidance teachers and other teachers with different roles. It gathers all its strength to accompany students in high school and “customize your future”.

Secondary Chinese Teacher

Yolanda Yan 颜宇宁

"Nǐ Hǎo. I’m Yolanda Yan. You can call me Yo Yo just as my friends and students usually do. I’m the Chinese Culture Coordinator at UISZ. I also teach different curriculums and subjects here, including IBDP and MYP Chinese Language and Literature, MYP Chinese Acquisition, and HKDSE Chinese Language. I’m the EE and PP supervisors at UISZ as well.

I’ve been obsessed by Chinese language and culture, cultural exchanges and intercultural relationships for many years. I have a Bachelor degree in Chinese Language and Literature, and a Master degree in Comparative Literature and World Literature. I’m a life-long learner and dedicated teacher with many years' international teaching experiences. For instance, teaching Mandarin and Chinese culture at the Confucius Institute of Prince of Songkhla University(Thailand), as well as teaching IGCSE Chinese at an international school in Thailand. I’m also a qualified high school teacher with both IBDP Teaching Certificate (provided by IBO and University of Toronto) and National Qualification for Chinese Teacher in Senior High School.

I enjoy reading, writing, traveling and making crafts in my spare time. I find many joys to connect these hobbies together. For example, I wrote thesis which inquires the cultural relationship based on my field trips overseas, and taught people to make crafts when traveling. I’ve been teaching Chinese knots to different people during volunteering abroad since 2015. I ever traveled to Nepal and Thailand to be a volunteer. I love to explore the local culture and make friends with local people when I travel to another places. These experiences inspire me to be an International educator finally. "

Secondary English Teacher / Humanities Teacher

Dustin Mattison

"I have been teaching for over 10 years, with 2 years IB experience at Uthaloy International School. My education and work experience includes a bachelors in business, a masters in East Asian Languages and Cultures and 10 years work experience in the business world.

I am also fluent in Mandarin Chinese, with an HSK 5 Exam score of 278/300."

SEN Coordinator

Paul Allen Brandt II

"I am Pauli, the Special Education Needs coordinator. This is my first year at UISZ, and my first time living overseas. This is my sixth year of teaching special education, and I have worked with adults who have disabilities for several years on top of that. I have two undergraduate degrees, one in History and Political Science, the other in Forestry, and a master’s in special education with concentration in autism-spectrum disorder. I am currently working on a second master’s in literature and composition.

I have lived in multiple US states, though Colorado and Minnesota are home. I love skiing, kayaking & canoeing, running, mountain climbing, coffee, and I am an avid reader. I’m also trying to teach myself Mandarin. "

Secondary English Teacher

Mihaela-Daniela Priceputu

I’m Mihaela and for the last 15 years, I’ve been determined to support children who need to improve their English skills. I got my bachelor's degree in 2003 and since then I’ve been working with students of all ages and abilities to boost their communication and understanding abilities, but also to support them in adjusting to a new international English-speaking environment.

Together with my family, I started my teaching journey in China in 2016. As language is part of everyday life, being able to express thoughts, fresh ideas, plans, different perspectives and share a glimpse of your individuality at the same time, is as essential as sharing a smile when you first meet someone.

Humanity connects us all and language binds us closer despite being on or from different countries, cultures, continents. "

PE Teacher

Alex Marinescu

"After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education, I have been an educator for 15 years in various locations and contexts including Europe, the Middle East and now here in China where I have lived for the past seven years.

In addition to teaching, I also have extensive experience in curriculum development. For the past five years, I have been leading PE Departments in creating curricula with the associated documents and resources.

I have also been a professional football (soccer) referee for more than 18 years with more than 1000 games refereed national and international.

I am happy to join UISZ with my wife and our two boys and be a part of this wonderful community."

Secondary Chinese Teacher

Stephy Sun 孙启贤

"Greetings to all !
I am Qixian Sun. You can call me Stephy. It is an exciting time for me to be joining UISZ this August as a Chinese teacher!

I have worked in an international school in Shenzhen for the past five years. I taught Chinese primarily to students in grades 9-12. In the past, I have tutored graduating classes on preparing for the International Chinese Examination. All students achieved excellent results, and most of them obtained an A+.

I graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University with a master's degree in Chinese culture, language and literature. When I studied in Hong Kong, I was fortunate to study under Professor Lam Hing Him. Also, I attended the lecture tour held by Ms. Lung Ying-tai in Hong Kong.

I have a senior secondary school language teaching certificate and a C certificate in Mental Health Education. I also obtained a secondary school level 2 professional and technical qualification for primary and secondary school teachers in Shenzhen. In addition, I was awarded the National Outstanding Teacher Award in the Beijing Academician and the Excellent Tutor Award in the National Composition Contest.

Education is my passion, and I am meticulous and patient. I hope to inspire students' interest in Chinese culture and help them achieve excellent grades.

It is a pleasure to be a part of the UISZ community. And I am very much looking forward to beginning my teaching and learning journey with my students."

UISZ Head of School & Head of Secondary

Sebastien Pelletier

"Over the past 20 years, Mr Pelletier travelled the world to pursue his passion for travels, cultures, and Education, of course. His interest to see the world as both a unique AND diverse place led him to work in Canada, Egypt, Syria, India, and the USA with various curricula (Canadian, French, British, US, and the IB), through which he can see their subtleties, commonalities, and can act as mirrors of our global society. Sébastien spent the first 13 years of his career as a French as a Second Language teacher at all levels. After a Master in Educational Leadership at Lehigh University, he has been leading school divisions and campuses.

As UISZ’s new Head of School, he is particularly keen to launch different community building projects and is interested in the data-driven decision process. Mr Pelletier and his family, Valentine (also a UISZ teacher), Lila, and Achille, are proud to call UISZ home for the years to come. "

Secondary Maths Teacher / Acting Head of Boarding

Holly Wilson

Holly Wilson is from Louisville, Kentucky in the United States of America. She holds a BS degree in Business Administration, an MA in Teaching Math and Business, and an MA in Global Leadership. She also holds a post graduate certificate in School Management and Leadership from Harvard University. Holly has over 18 years of classroom instruction from middle years, high school and college / university levels for Math and Business and Leadership. She is currently serving at UISZ as the Acting Head of Boarding and has 10 years of experience in Housing and Boarding for both K-12 schools and universities. Holly has served in China for the last six years in Kunshan, Xi’an and now ZengCheng. Her hobbies are riding motorcycles, cooking and baking, LEGO building, and music.

Freeman Kwong

Yolanda Yan

Dustin Mattison

Ivy Liu

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