Since 2003, UISZ has delivered outstanding academic achievement and is the most successful international school in the Dongguan region. Our students have achieved exceptional results in the IB Diploma Programme and been accepted into world-class universities worldwide. 


Since 2015, UISZ has been authorised to offer the IB MYP programme, and this is for students from ages 12-16. Our MYP students have achieved outstanding academic results in the Year 10 e-Assessments and are highly successful in the IB Diploma Programme. 


Since 2007, UISZ has been authorised to offer the IB PYP programme. As a result, we were proud of receiving many commendations from the IBO in the latest evaluation for outstanding primary education in 2021. 


UISZ has achieved international accreditation by the IBO, CIS and WASC. At the schools’ recent accreditation, pre-visit school evaluators from CIS and WASC commented that: 

UISZ is an inclusive and welcoming school that provides a caring and supportive learning environment. A strong sense of community permeates the school that reflects the largely residential community. Respectful interactions between all students and adults create a positive school climate. The evaluators were impressed with the confident, independent, and articulate students. The latter are highly engaged in their learning and display much respect for their teachers and each other in keeping with the school values. Students appreciate the varied opportunities offered by the school to pursue their interests and develop their knowledge and skills both inside and beyond the classroom. The evaluators commend the school on its strong focus on student wellbeingsupporting student learning and allowing students to be successful learners. CIS and WASC evaluators, September 2018. 

We are also a UNESCO experimental world school.


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