The Arts are a key aspect to the curriculum at UISZ. For students in the Primary years programme, the arts are offered as specialist subjects, taught within the units of inquiry. The areas incorporated into the PYP programme are Visual Art, Music and Drama. In the MYP programme, Media & Film, Visual Arts and Music are offered as subjects to study. In the IB Diploma programme students are offered a choice of Visual Arts, which incorporates multi-media and Drama/Theatre Arts.

Here at UISZ, our students aim to discover the unique and original nature of the Arts. Our multi-disciplinary, unique approach helps students to investigate how the Arts are identified, created, categorised and made use of by different cultures and societies.

Our Arts programmes aim to:

-enjoy lifelong engagement with the arts
-become informed and critical observers and makers of visual culture and media
-develop skills, techniques and processes in order to communicate concepts and ideas
-Work independently to develop detailed and complex approaches to their own artistic practice
-Advanced understanding of different media – Drawing, Painting, Photography, Digital Media, Graphic Design, Film & Video, Music & Theatre
-develop academic skills appropriate for the study and understanding of the Arts
-become reflective and critical thinkers
-develop the confidence to explore, to experiment and to work individually and collaboratively on innovative projects
-understand the dynamic, holistic and evolving nature of creative thinking.

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