The Utahloy Parent Association Zengcheng (UPAZ) aims to promote the welfare of the School, our students, parents and staff, within guidelines approved by the Utahloy Education Foundation (UEF) and within PRC regulations.


UPAZ Mission is to work in partnership with the School in supporting parents, teachers and our students while assisting the School to promote a safe, orderly, caring, supportive and inspiring environment for our children.

Each student’s self-esteem is fostered by positive relationships between the students, parents and their teachers. We encourage parents, teachers and community member to be actively involved in the students’ learning by joining the Utahloy Parent Association.



The philosophy and objectives of the UPAZ are:

  • To provide a means of communication and support for the parents of students by organizing events and celebrations that bring together families and teachers
  • To provide a forum for parents to discuss school issues, to give views on them through Representatives elected to the School Consultative Forum, and to plan and contribute to parent and school-initiated activities
  • To foster good relations between parents, teachers, students and members of the UEF
  • To support the School’s mission, philosophy and the IB Learner Profiles
Our Campus


The activities in which we engage to enhance community spirit as well as students’ sense of belonging are: :

  • Welcome events for new as well as continuing new families in order to meet, greet and introduce parents, teachers and students to one another
  • Celebrations such as International Day, Festival of Light, Winter Festival and more
  • Education sessions on parenting, nutrition, career advice for students
  • Social events like pool parties, dancing dinners, cooking classes

Other Responsibilities

  • Generate contact list for grade levels
  • provide support to teachers such as reading sessions in foreign languages
  • Developing links between parents, communities and businesses


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