At UISZ we believe music is a universal language that all children can speak. In our music program, we aim for our students to be fluent in music as they speak, listen, talk and write in the musical language. 

We have two select ensemble groups at UISZ. The UISZ Orchestra is a whole school select orchestra performs at the Winter Concert and Spring Recital as well as other school events. The members of the orchestra also perform as individual soloists in small ensembles such as duet, trio, and quartet at the concerts. The Primary Concert Choir is a select choir actively performing in and out of the school. Previously, the choir performed at the Hong Kong UNESCO Peacemakers’ Celebration in Hong Kong, Urbanite Carnival in Guangzhou, and Yulan Theatre in Dongguan. 

All students in PYP and MYP program have music lessons where they can experience musical ensembles and world music, allowing students to further explore and develop their musical skills. At the end of each semester, all the students in music program perform at the semester concert. The Winter Concert is held in school and the Spring Recital is held at Dongguan Yulan Theatre where the UISZ community and public have the opportunity to see and listen to students from Kindergarten through high school perform in instrumental and vocal ensembles. Truly music takes an important part of our students’ lives. Music shines brightly at UISZ. 

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