STEAM Learning in Action

At UISZ, we recognise the important role that Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) play in our world. These 5 disciplines aim to involve creative processes, critical thinking, ingenuity, and teamwork. At UISZ, we believe that STEAM plays an important role in preparing our students to become innovators, in an ever-evolving world.

Through our transdisciplinary and collaborative approaches in the PYP, STEAM is embedded in lessons from Early Years to High School, aiming to blend the mind of a scientist or engineer, with that of an artist or designer. From robotics to acting, UISZ is committed to the role STEAM plays in understanding our world. 

UISZ’s STEAM programme aims to:


  • Encourage our community, from students to teachers, to be entrepreneurial 
  • To engage students in the learning process and take risks 
  • To empower students to think and work outside the box 
  • To support students in finding connections to workplaces and the world 
  • To achieve our school philosophy of educating the whole person, by focusing on the intellectual and creative dimensions of a person. 

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