Student Well-being and Support Services

Learning Support (Special Educational Needs)

Utahloy International School Zengcheng (UISZ) is an inclusive school. Our approach to teaching, learning and pastoral care is holistic, taking into consideration ALL students’ needs to support children with social, emotional, behavioural or physical/medical issues. 


All students are involved in their learning and in the broader life of the school. UISZ embraces diversity, considers learners as individuals and within the school’s resources ensures all can participate. We are committed to providing the conditions and opportunities to enable any child with learning support needs to be included fully in all aspects of school life. 

Health & Safety

Counsellor Service

The School Counsellor service offer a range of services that help students find a healthy balance between study and recreation. Our main focus is to put the wellbeing of students first. This service can help your child in the following ways: 

  • Transition issues 
  • University & College preparation 
  • Career exploration 
  • Making new friends 
  • Coping with stress 
  • Time management 
  • Setting goals 
  • Relationship issues 
  • Self-understanding 
  • Behaviour management 

Our school counsellor works with both the primary and secondary school students. 
For information about university applications, TOEFL and SAT testing, career exploration, and searching for universities, please see the UISZ College Counselling Website. 

Child Protection

UISZ aims to ensure that ALL students in their care are provided a safe and secure learning environment to grow and develop. We recognise that the protection of students under our care is of paramount importance. UISZ has worked in close partnership with CIS (Council of International Schools) and the ITFCP (International Task Force for Child Protection) who are spearheading the drive for best safety practices in International Schools. 

UISZ adheres to International Convention and the PRC (People’s Republic of China) laws and takes responsibility for the protection and welfare of children in its care. UISZ school measures currently in place to help protect students and families include: 


  • A clear Child Protection policy that is reviewed for compliance and effectiveness, with necessary updates immediately communicated to all UISZ stakeholders 
  • Clear procedures for handling issues relating to Child Protection 
  • Regular child protection training and certification workshops for UISZ staff 
  • The school counsellor attends regular training and recommend updates to the school’s policies and procedures in accordance with the latest research 
  • A comprehensive staff code of conduct agreement, signed annually by UISZ staff 
  • A designated response team and safeguarding officer to manage child protection cases 
  • Stringent and rigorous procedures for hiring teachers and a comprehensive induction programme to familiarise employees with UISZ child protection policies and procedures 
  • Educating children about child protection through the school wellbeing programme 
  • Cooperation with relevant authorities in relation to student protection and welfare. 

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