University and Career Guidance at UISZ

At UISZ, we cater to the students’ career goals by orienting them from their Year 9 days. The students go through a weekly planned curriculum to identify their potential and growth areas through various established psychometric tests. Individual discussions are facilitated to develop goal-based improvement plans so that students can focus and develop during their MYP year to meet the needs of their prospective educational destinations. Family consultation is done one-on-one to help students choose their IBDP subjects aligned with their future course of studies and destination country. The critical potentials that are planned and delivered during the regular curriculum include the following.


  • Identifying self and fitness with the global context
  • Understanding internationalism and cultural overlaps in practice vis a vis conserving individual identity
  • Building a community of united through diversity
  • Personal safety skills and coping strategies
  • Living with the lifelong-learning concept
  • Applying skills of transition between cultures and cognitive levels
  • Developing a personal plan for study and career
  • Goal setting and decision making
  • Reflection skills
  • Navigating the global working culture
  • Respecting the need for division of labour as a need for a balanced society and respecting each one of them
  • Getting ready for the future – the age of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Students of Year 11 and 12 receive individualized career guidance services through the appointed time to fulfil the needs for university admissions of various countries and prepare accordingly. In addition, regular visits by different university admission officers are organized to help students and their parents explore multiple opportunities for further education and growth.

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