Week Without Walls丨UISZ 2023年度无墙周:“誉”生活而 “德”教育

Utahloy International School Zengcheng has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing a holistic education experience with its exciting Week Without Walls (WWW) program in 2023. This annual adventure seeks to foster leadership, perseverance, social skills, and risk-taking abilities in students, taking them beyond the confines of traditional classrooms.

2023  “无墙周”(WWW)活动的圆满结束,再次证明我们致力于提供全面教育体验的承诺。这项一年一度的探险活动旨在培养学生的领导力、毅力、社交技能和冒险能力,让学生们走出传统课堂的束缚。

The adventures, each tailored to the student’s respective year levels, promised an array of experiences. From Cliff Haus in Qingyuan for Year 3-4 students to the scenic Pak Lap in Hong Kong for Year 5-6, the locations were carefully chosen to suit the age and interests of the participants. Year 7-8 students explored the beauty of Yangshuo in Guangxi, while Year 9-10 students shared their adventures in Pak Lap, Hong Kong. The IB and DSE students of Year 11 ventured to Beijing, promising an educational experience in the capital city.


Under the guidance of dedicated teachers and teaching assistants, students were not only in safe hands but were also in the company of experienced mentors who facilitated their learning and personal development.


The Week Without Walls program at UISZ continues to be a shining example of experiential learning, demonstrating the school’s commitment to holistic education. The program’s emphasis on outdoor adventures, personal growth, and experiential learning aligns perfectly with the school’s mission to nurture well-rounded, independent, and capable individuals.

UISZ”无墙周 “项目一直是体验式学习的典范,体现了学校对全人教育的承诺。该项目强调户外探险、个人成长和体验式学习,这与学校培养全面、独立、有能力的人才的使命不谋而合。

In conclusion, Utahloy International School Zengcheng’s Week Without Walls 2023 was a resounding success, providing students with unforgettable experiences and life lessons. It’s an event that truly encapsulates the school’s dedication to comprehensive education, and we look forward to witnessing the continued growth and achievements of its students in the years to come.

UISZ 2023 年 “无墙周 “活动取得了圆满成功,为学生们提供了难忘的体验和经历。这次活动真正体现了学校对全面教育的执着追求,我们期待着在未来的日子里见证学生们的不断成长和成就。 

Week Without Walls丨UISZ 2023年度无墙周:“誉”生活而 “德”教育
Week Without Walls丨UISZ 2023年度无墙周:“誉”生活而 “德”教育