Continuous Professional Development

UISZ, as a day school and residential boarding school, is, above all, an educational community. For this reason, our approach to professional growth and development is made within the context of relationships. 


For the community to be important, we also need to value the individual. Therefore, our approach to professional growth is to learn together, progress, and listen to each other. The UISZ professional growth model aims to move away from accountability in more recent versions of teacher appraisal programmes. Its focus is on individual and community responsibility and inspiring a more significant commitment to student education today and into the future. It provides a framework for staff to Explore, Adapt, Impact! This vision facilitates the ongoing professional growth of our teaching staff to influence and promote a culture of exploration and inquiry, and growth and being adaptive. This results in teachers applying and developing their practice to have impact on student learning. More practically, it aims to do this through four key areas. 

UISZ has an excellent location for external PD opportunities. There are many PD offerings in Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, and the Asian region. UISZ is an IB World School and a member of CIS, WASC and ACAMIS. Each provides a network of PD opportunities available to our geographic location. 


Many staff members at UISZ work with other educational bodies. This can include school visits, membership of associations, visiting team members, examiners, workshop leaders, report readers, attending conferences, conference presenter and publishing articles. 

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