IB Diploma Programme

IB Diploma Programme


The IB Diploma programme (DP) is a two-year post-16 programme of study that is considered excellent preparation for university and vocational pursuits worldwide. It is an academically challenging programme and internationally recognised for its ability to help prepare students to succeed at undergraduate level..

IB Diploma Programme


IB DP Core subjects:

• Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

• Extended Essay (EE)

• Creativity Activity Service

Other subjects on offer (at higher and standard levels):

• Mother tongue languages – Chinese, Korean, English, Japanese

• Language acquisition – English, Chinese, French, Korean, Japanese

• Individual and societies – Economics, Psychology*

• Sciences – Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Design Technology

• Mathematics – Math Applications and Interpretation (AI), and Math Analysis and Approaches (AA)

• Arts – Visual Arts, Music, Film

*- Subject offered in partnership with Pamoja® Online (We can avail of any subject offered by Pamoja® Online if the students want)

For details on IB DP Curriculum, please visit https://www.ibo.org/programmes/diploma-programme/


Students should bring their own device. An Admission Package is given to new students, including a student diary, notebooks, pens and pencils to start classes. Students are expected to appropriately equip themselves for lessons with necessary writing and organisation supplies.

We have Year 6 – Year 12 in Secondary, with only one class in each year level.

Student numbers vary in each year level. However, the maximum is 24 in each class.

A student buddy, peers, School Counsellor and the Student Welfare System will help ease students into their new school life. In addition, our new student orientation programme and regular activities in our Pastoral Programme ensure a student’s transition into school life is monitored and supported according to individual needs.

We offer IB Middle Years Programme(MYP) and Diploma Programme(DP)

We do not use one prescribed textbook. Instead, teachers use a wide variety of resources and different kinds of books. This includes a wide range of online and electronic resources available for our students to promote real-life learning and access to diverse viewpoints.

Usually, at the end of each semester, students must sit examinations called Summative Assessments, but they are constantly assessed throughout the year according to the IB guidelines. Every unit of work is assessed. Summative Assessments may take a variety of forms, of which examination-style assessment is one kind. Examination-style assessments are commonplace in IB Diploma subjects. Students need to develop their examination skills in preparation for final examinations during May of Year 12.

Each semester students and parents are provided with one Interim Report and one thorough End of Semester Report.

UISZ provides college and career guidance for the university application process. Please see the university website and university preparation handbook for details: http://issuniversitypreparation.weebly.com

Yes, regular newsletters, a student diary, our ManageBac system, which has ‘live’ viewing capabilities, and event communications are used to inform you of what your child has been learning, as well as any upcoming commitments pertinent to your child. You are welcome to call any time and make an appointment to see your child’s teacher. There are opportunities to come and meet the staff and see your child’s work at various times during the year. Teachers may also email you about subject-related issues for your child. A ‘Week Ahead’ update is regularly communicated via WeChat and our website.

We do have translation offered to parents who are not native English speakers.

You can call the PA to the Head of Secondary on 020-82906806 or send an email to our school: uiszc@uiszc.org.

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