Action Fund丨UISZ Primary: 誉德莱小学行动基金会正式成立

The Primary Action Fund Mini Carnival held on March 28th was a resounding success, exemplifying the power of student-led initiatives in the school community. The event attracted a significant turnout from students, parents, and faculty members.

3 月 28 日举行的 “小学行动基金迷你嘉年华 “取得了圆满成功,充分体现了由学生主导的活动在学校社区中的力量。该活动吸引了众多学生、家长和教职员工的参与。

The carnival featured a variety of activities, including a bake sale, games, and prize giveaways, creating a vibrant atmosphere filled with enthusiasm and excitement. Beyond its fundraising objectives, the event provided invaluable learning opportunities for Primary students, promoting skills such as leadership, collaboration, and financial literacy.


With the launch of the Primary Action Fund, students demonstrated their commitment to making a positive impact in their communities. Managed by Year 4 and Year 5 student leaders in the future, the fund holds great potential for fostering continued student-led action and innovation.

随着 “小学行动基金 “的启动,学生们展示了他们对社区产生积极影响的承诺。未来,该基金将由四年级和五年级的学生领袖管理,在继续促进学生主导的行动和创新方面有着巨大的潜力。

Overall, the Primary Action Fund Mini Carnival was a testament to the school’s dedication to empowering students and promoting holistic education. It serves as an inspiring example of how student agency and community engagement can create meaningful change.