The Utahloy Alumni Association (UAA) was founded in 2015. The original objectives of the UAA are to strengthen the bond between the Utahloy graduates from around the world, embrace the Utahloy spirit, and serve the community. 


UISG has a Parent Teacher Association (UPTA), which was founded in 2006. All parents and teachers of UISG are automatically members of the UPTA. We are now an established team representing all main language groups, and we are acknowledged for our positive contribution to the school. 

Utahloy Language Center

Welcome to the Utahloy Language Centre, the ULC is a place where learners connect. We are proud to be an inclusive learning environment with innovative programmes supporting language acquisition. The ULC supports learners through our “Can-do” philosophy which embraces linguistic diversity. Our educational experiences are student centered and responsive to multilingual learners’ strengths and needs.

Utahloy Education Foundation

Utahloy Education Foundation Ltd (UEF) is an education company with corporate social responsibilities supported by Guangzhou Municipal Government and the Guangzhou University to provide international education for expatriate families working in China.