Canteen Service

Food is fuel, and the School Canteen aims to provide high quality, healthy, nutritious food for the entire school community. Students eating healthy food have the energy to participate fully in their academic and co-curricular activities. An appropriate diet has a substantial impact on performance at school; good food allows students to focus clearly and assists them in their learning, their play, their sports, all cultural activities, and even in their relationships. 

Each day, the UISG canteen staff carefully prepare a range of dishes in our own kitchen. We provide a mix of Asian and popular Western Cuisines, which is communicated in the Daily Menu.  Additionally, we have a range of wholesome snacks in the school’s café and are very proud that we make our own baked items ‘in house’, which includes little treats, like macaroons. 

Lunch Menu Information

Lunch Menu


EY menus (June 05 - June 09, 2023)

Whole Menu (June 05 - June 09, 2023)

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