Utahloy Parent Teacher Association (UPTA)

Who We Are:

UISG has a Parent Teacher Association (UPTA), which was founded in 2006. All parents and teachers of UISG are automatically members of the UPTA. We are now an established team representing all main language groups, and we are acknowledged for our positive contribution to the school. 


UPTA provides a good communication channel between parents and the school, through which parents can receive information and raise questions of concern and give valuable recommendations. 

What We Do :

UPTA plans and coordinates fund raising events through which parents can meet teachers, other parents and understand the school better. Some of the money raised is donated to charity, whilst the rest is used to improve the school’s environment and support future activities. 

Meetings :

The UPTA meetings are held 4 times a year and the dates for the same are mentioned on the school calendar. All parents and teachers are welcome to attend these meetings. We support workshops organized by the school to help parents better understand the school curriculum. 

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