Kaleidoscope, Y12 Art Exhibition (Mar 2023)

Kaleidoscope, Y12 Art Exhibition (Mar 2023)
It’s always a different feeling in the air when the Year 12 Visual Arts students are exhibiting their final artworks. It’s a feeling of completion, near the end of their IB program, but mainly, it’s a moment of joy. The DP Visual Arts exhibition this year is opening at Utahloy Language Center (ULC) from Wednesday, March 8, 2023, and will continue be displayed until Friday, March 17, 2023. 

In the IB Diploma Program, Visual Arts is an elective for the student’s Group 6 (The Arts) subject selection. Exhibition in one of the assessment components (internal) which worth 40% of their final grade, along with the other assessment components (external), which are Comparative Study and Process Portfolio. For the exhibition, each student must submit a selection of best resolved artworks. These selected pieces should show evidence of the student’s technical accomplishment during the two-year visual arts course and an understanding of the use of materials, ideas, and practices appropriate to visual communication. The body of exhibited works should show coherence, technical competence, conceptual qualities, and a consideration of curatorial within a designated space. 

For the class of 2023, the five Visual Arts HL students are exhibiting their personal, artistic, and cultural expression are Lou-Anne Celine Antier, Joanne Fang, Fraze Fei, Aileen Lin, and Selena Xiao. With the title of ‘Kaleidoscope’, we could see a wide range of aesthetic exploration are being displayed. From conventional media such as, oil and acrylic paintings, drawings, screen prints, sculpture, and wire sculpture, into a more experimental and contemporary approach, such as, performance art, installation, resin, and GIF animation. Their topic also varied from, culture, vibrant colors, identity, memories, trauma, into childhood, personal journey, and growth. 

Kaleidoscope, Y12 Art Exhibition (Mar 2023)

This exhibition might consist of beautiful physical objects, but their actual power is more conceptual. They will stay in our mind as a concept, idea, and memory. It is a milestone for these five young women as they move on with their life. In the next several weeks with their peers, they’ll face the IB exam. Afterwards, they’ll spread out to different parts of the world and start another journey. I am confident that this exhibition will stay in their memory and continue to grow as they nurture these artistic and creative ideas into their life and future. I could only hope these ideas could make a positive impact on any community where they’ll be a part of. 


Benny Kharismana 
MYP-DP Visual Arts & Design Teacher