Secondary MYP Music Recitals (Mar 2023)

Secondary MYP Music Recitals (Mar 2023)

The Secondary Music Recital Series continued this month featuring the Year 9 Music class. As part of their Concert Time (solo performance) unit, the nine students performed across two concerts to an audience made up of their Theatre and Visual Arts peers and teachers. We were even fortunate to welcome our Primary Music teachers to the audience.

The two concerts featured a variety of instruments, including the piano, violin, viola, cello and guitar, in programmes ranging across 300 years of music history, from J.S. Bach to Frédéric Chopin and Jean-Baptiste Lully to Joe Hisaishi and Hans Zimmer. Through their choice of music, the performers also took us on a global journey from Europe to America to Asia.

As part of their Concert Time unit, students provided their audience with programme notes, the result of their own research, and will now complete their Arts process journal, summarizing their decisions and preparation for performance, and watch their concert videos to enable them to complete their evaluation and reflection.

There is nothing like live music, bringing together the composer (the piece), the performer and the audience. We are celebrating having our classrooms full again as Year 9 share their talents. We now look forward to our Year 9 Theatre performance at the end of March and the Year 9 Visual Arts exhibition.

Mr Malcolm Mawhinney
Head of Performing Arts (K-12)